Namibia Tourist Information

Namibia is world renowned for its remarkable natural beauty, endless open spaces, star-filled night skies and breathtaking scenery.

It is Africa’s 5th largest country and visitors return to Namibia every year to experience its magic and mystery, from the harsh and remote Skeleton Coast in the north to the Fish River Canyon in the south, the world’s second largest canyon. It is hard to believe that in this harsh and arid environment fauna and flora can be found nowhere else on earth but here.

Namibia is known for its astonishing contrasts, magnificent sand dunes and beautiful coastline offering a haven for photographers. The country is named after the Namib Desert which is also the oldest desert on our planet situated alongside the Atlantic coastline. Despite being the driest country south of the Sahara Desert there is no shortage of life here. Namibia is home to the game rich Etosha National Park, one of the finest wildlife sanctuaries in Africa promising fantastic game viewing opportunities.

One of Namibia’s most extraordinary features is the Sossusvlei sand dunes located in the Namib Naukluft Park in the Namib Desert; one of the largest national parks in Africa. Some believe these dunes to be the highest in the world. A hot air balloon ride over these magnificent sand dunes has been voted by many tourists as one of the top adventure activities to do in Africa.

Namibia is fast becoming one of the finest tourist destinations in the world offering a unique and fascinating holiday experience. The country is also referred to as the land of deserts, diamonds and African gems and rare precious stones can be found here.